How Your Twittering Is Costing You Sales

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

If you work in the luxury wedding market, then it is highly probable that your target bride has a post-graduate degree.

As this smart and well-educated bride does her research for her wedding vendors, she comes across your blog and website. It is clean, engaging and the copy well-written. So far, so good. Then she clicks over from your blog to your Twitter page. The majority of your updates are full of text speak: U, R, B, 2, C, ur, thx, gr8, lolz.

You've just lost her business and you will probably never know it because she won't contact you to tell you that she had found your site at all.


The disconnect between the brand you promote on your website and blog and the brand you promote on Twitter conveys a lack of professionalism when it comes to your daily habits. People aren't going to trust you with thousands of dollars of their wedding budget if they can't trust you to act professionally when it comes to the small details. Even if the bride can't put her finger on why she is choosing your competitor over you, her subconscious still knows that something with your brand is not quite right (read Malcolm Gladwell's Blink for more on this).

Everything you put online is a reflection of your brand. Be sure that your social media plan is cohesive and is telling the same story across the board.

Originally published October 2009

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