FTC Regulations for Twitter and Facebook

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The new FTC regulations that go into effect December 1st also extend to Twitter and Facebook, not just blogs. Even with the limited space of 140 characters, sponsored tweets or vested interests will have to be disclosed.

Graphic designer Trisha Hay and I were discussing this and she came up with the idea of putting *C to denote a tweet about a client. I am adopting her idea and from now on you'll see *C at the end of any tweet I do that promotes a client of Splendid Communications in some fashion. If I am simply conversing back and forth with a client, then the symbol won't be present. The bio on my Twitter page has also been updated to include this information so that anyone who visits that page know what the symbol stands for in the tweets.

I am fortunate in that I am able to work only with companies that I 100% believe in, so you won't see much of a change in my writing or posts, just the added disclosure symbol that shows I do have a specific interest in the success of a particular company. While these new regulations are causing everyone to rethink how we write and post online, I am glad that they are bringing much needed transparency to the wedding industry.

You can read more about the new FTC regulations here and how they relate to preferred wedding vendor directories here.

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