How Your Blog Design is Costing You Sales

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last night at dinner I was asked what I think the next big thing is in social media. While I don't know what the next big tool will necessarily be, I do know, both from my observations and from those of others in the social media industry, that there will continue to be a major increase in the use of mobile phones for research.

As far as blog design goes, this will be a huge factor, especially in the wedding industry. The most popular wedding blog templates and designs currently have flash-based headers. Most companies put the majority of their branding emphasis in those headers. Guess what doesn't get seen on an iphone and some of the other mobile phones?

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that most brides plan their weddings at work. More and more workplaces are blocking access to the Internet and brides and grooms are opting to browse on their phones as a workaround. If your site doesn't capture them on their phone, chances are very slim that they will look up your site again when they get home.

Your blog may be stunning on a large, oversized Mac computer, but if the information and story you are telling can't be viewed in the way your target market needs to see it, then you are losing sales.

Good design doesn't just look pretty; good design functions properly. I will also add that in this case, good design helps drive revenue for your business. Is your blog designed well or is it costing you sales?

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