The Most Common Blogging Mistake and How to Avoid It

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One of the quickest ways to dilute your company's brand and get lost in the search engines is to abbreviate your company's name while writing your blog posts. Never, ever do this. I don't think I can stress this enough. If you get tired of typing out your company name, copy and paste it instead, but never publish a post with your company's initials in place of the name.

Marketing studies have shown that acronyms are remembered far less often than the company's full name and when seen in print, they are usually not instantly associated with the company in question.  Also, while it may be clear to me that SC stands for Splendid Communications, since this company is literally what puts food on my table and pays my bills and what I spend the majority of my time on, for others SC could mean a multitude of things, from South Carolina to Scott's Cooking to Savannah Chapel. Retraining the public's mind to view an acronym the way you see it instead of the way they may have grown up knowing it is time and energy better focused elsewhere.

For search engines, SC is most commonly going to be South Carolina, never Splendid Communications. If I abbreviated this all the time, it would kill, or at the very least seriously hinder, my SEO efforts. Since having my site and blog indexed with information about an East Coast state is not my goal, it is important for me to take a few extra seconds when writing my blog posts and spell out my company's name.

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