Social Media Etiquette: Blog Links

Monday, November 16, 2009

As blogging has evolved over the past decade, the etiquette for linking to someone in a blog has remained the same: always link to someone if you write about them.

If you are writing about the other vendors who worked on a wedding with you, link to them. If you are using a photo, always link to the photographer who shot it, not the wedding blog you found it on (or better - link to both, but always link to the photographer - they hold the copyright and should always receive credit). If for some reason you are writing about a competitor, link to them.

If you are not going to link to someone you mention in a blog post, edit the blog post to not talk about them at all or don't publish it.  Publishing a post without links to the people or companies you mention is a fast way to burn bridges in the online wedding community. 

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