Social Media Etiquette: Names on Blog Comments

Monday, November 23, 2009

One of the myths that many wedding business owners believe is that if they leave a comment on their blog, they should leave their company name as their real name in order to create SEO-friendly anchor text. This generally is not a good idea for two main reasons:

The first is that it won't get you the results you think it will. Most blogs are coded to make all comment links "no-follow" by default, which means that you don't receive any SEO link credit for them. This is done to help cut down on spam comments or comments from people who are only trying to generate an inbound link for their own website.

The second is that it's somewhat rude. The comments section of a blog are meant to be a place where conversation takes place. Would you walk into a room and introduce yourself as XYZ Photography?  Of course not - you would introduce yourself as Anne. You might even say "I'm Anne from XYZ Photography", but you would always introduce yourself by your personal name.  These same social graces apply to blogs you comment on.

Social media is about real relationships, even if those relationships are online. Many social standards that exist offline apply online as well. 

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