Social Media Etiquette: Responding to Brides on Twitter

Monday, November 02, 2009

I received the following question on social media etiquette (note: question has been edited for anonymity):

If someone follows you on Twitter and in their blurb it says, "[Career] gal, recently transplanted to [City], attempting to plan a wedding..." Is it okay to send her an @reply or direct message? What is the new etiquette?

In these types of situations, if the person has actively chosen to follow you, then yes, it is appropriate to send some type of reply, either via an @reply or a DM. That said, I would recommend limiting your response to something along the lines of "Welcome to our city! You'll love it here" or "Welcome to our city and congrats on your upcoming wedding!"

I would not recommend your first interaction with them being something like "Welcome to our city! If you need a wedding planner, let me know." While this may seem harmless, it still comes across as a bit creepy and spammy and would be akin to a neighbor knocking on your door and saying "Welcome to the neighborhood! Here's a loaf of banana bread. Do you need a chiropractor?" Everything was great up until that last sentence. Then the relationship got weird.

If what you do for a living is in your Twitter bio (and if you are on Twitter for business, then it should be), then that person will already know what you can potentially do for them for their wedding. Don't use Twitter to channel your inner used car salesman. Keep the conversation friendly and welcoming.

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