Basic Strategy Questions for Wedding Bloggers

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here are some predictions for things that are going to happen in the online media space in 2010: many more wedding professionals will venture off of Facebook and start a blog and join Twitter. Many will do it without a clear strategy and then announce that social media just doesn't work for them and is too distracting.

While it's true that social media can be a distraction, it is truly only one if you let it be. Here are some questions to answer to help you develop a basic strategy to help you make the most of the resources you spend on social media, specifically your blog since that is the one that will outlast the other outlets and does more for your business in the long run. Below each question, I'll also include an example of how that question applies to Splendid Communications:

1. Why are you blogging?
To improve your writing and the way you communicate? To make money? If so, is it primarily directly (ad sales, vendor directories, etc) or indirectly (book deals, a TV show, as a vetting source for potential clients, etc)? Is it to convey your personality to potential clients and colleagues? To expand your brand recognition through press mentions and speaking engagements?  Spend some time really fleshing out why you are writing a blog for your business.

For Splendid Communications: The Think Splendid blog is a marketing tool for the business; it is not the entire business. The company's revenue does not come directly from this blog, but the blog does provide ancillary marketing and revenue opportunities. I also keep this blog because nothing clarifies the thought process like writing does. Another reason is to share information to help improve people's businesses in the industry, regardless of whether the people reading the blog are potential clients or not. A strong, healthy industry benefits all of us.

2. What is your blog about?
It is important to answer this question as specifically as possible. If your goal is to be the blog that is an all-around resource, you will become irrelevant very quickly. There is a part of the wedding industry that you know better than anyone else - I recommend focusing on that.

For Splendid Communications: The blog is about online media and how it applies to businesses in the wedding and hospitality event industries and how those companies can use it effectively. These posts tend to provide very practical take-and-carry advice. It is also about exploring the "why" behind the "how", which is why the blog and tagline of the company are both "Think Splendid" and the reason why our mantra is Aristotle's quote above: "All communication must lead to change". These posts are a bit more on the philosophical side, so that people will think on a higher level about their business and really dig into the reasons behind how they do things. Once you know the "why" about certain things, you can communicate who and what your company is about in a more authentic way.

3. What will your boundaries be?
Will you only talk about business or will you mix in some of your personal life? If you are blogging on a more personal level, what will you be comfortable sharing and what will be off-limits? Some people have no problem posting their kids photos or names while others choose to give them pseudonyms if they are mentioned online. Some talk openly about their marriage and relationships while others keep that offline. These rules aren't hard and fast and really come down to what you are comfortable with.

For Splendid Communications: I personally don't elaborate too much about my non-work life online. I'll share snippets here and there because I do believe that the ties that bind us are found in the dailiness of life, but the majority of it stays off the Internet.

Have you answered these questions before for your business? If so, how did they help your focus?

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