Bringing the Wedding Online

Monday, December 28, 2009

One of the biggest impacts the economy had on weddings this year was in the number of guests who were able to attend. True, many couples cut their guest lists in order to stay in their newly reduced budgets, but many invited guests still had to RSVP with regrets. While the weddings still happened, the cost of plane tickets, hotel, rental car and gifts were simply out of the question for some family and friends who, in better financial circumstances, would be at the wedding in a heartbeat.

One venue I know of turned this unfortunate situation into a win-win-win situation for their couples, the guests and themselves by offering to video and livecast the ceremony online. This was an add-on sale for the venue, helping them recover some of the lost revenue from dwindling food and beverage purchases, and it allowed their clients to share their wedding, in a smaller but still meaningful way, with people they cared about.

If you are a wedding venue or a videographer, this is a great idea that you can also run with and one we will see much more of in the coming years. The cost of livestreaming a video online is negligible, but the value to the bride and groom is high and one that many will happily pay for. Some services allow you to password protect the page guests need to log-in at, adding an extra layer of privacy and comfort for the couple.

No matter your role in the wedding industry, how can you look outside the box of standard traditions and help your clients create meaningful experiences for their guests in 2010?

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