How to Evaluate Your Blog's Keywords

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One advantage blogs have over other platforms in social media is that, if set up correctly, they can help increase your search engine rank results because the words used in each post count as keywords for SEO.  It can be easy to slip into patterns while writing and overuse the same words in every blog post. When every wedding you write about is "totally awesome" or "beautiful" then those words (and the weddings you work on) lose meaning to your readers and you are lost in a sea of sameness in the search engines as well.

For a quick evaluation of the words you've used on your blog recently, paste your blog address or feed into Wordle. The words that show up larger are the ones that are used more often. This will not only show you which superfluous words you use often, but it will also give you an idea of which target keywords you use often and which you don't use often enough. For example, if you are a wedding florist and any words related to floral show up small, but words like "pretty" or "perfect" show up larger, then you'll know where to refocus your blog editing.

My suggestion for successfully integrating keywords into your blog posts is to write first and then edit. This will help you write more naturally without the pressure of trying to remember to fit certain words in. You can then fill the keywords in, deleting some words and substituting others, during the editing process.

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