The Myth of The Self-Made Entrepreneur

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Many entrepreneurs like to think of themselves as self-made, but I am convinced that being self-made is a myth. Every effort we make in our businesses has help from someone else; no one has ever truly grown their business on their own.

Made a sale? It means a client trusted you enough to hire you to collaborate on their wedding with them and gave you funds to keep your business going. Gained press recognition in a magazine or on a blog? It means that an entire team of people -- event designers, photographers, florists, linen companies, editors, assistants -- had a hand in getting you that spot in the limelight and any resulting business from it.

The fact of the matter is that we all need each other. Also, because there is no shortage of talent in the wedding industry, we often have the choice to work with people we like. Choose to work with people who inspire you and help you create the best version of your work. Avoid working with people who are only "yes-men" -- you can't grow without the perspective that a thoughtful disagreement or devil's advocate provides.

Remember the people who have opened doors for you, and more than that, honor them by opening doors for others who may not yet have grown to where you are.

This post was originally published December 2009.

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