On Being Behind the Times in Social Media

Friday, December 11, 2009

One of the things I've enjoyed most about traveling for the blogging workshops this year is getting to see the individual wedding markets up close. In my conversations with vendors in the different regions, one sentiment almost always came up: "The wedding industry here in our city/state is SO behind when it comes to social media."

I thought it was interesting that nearly every city I visited believed this about themselves. The funny thing is that they are right: most everyone is behind and by the time they all catch up, they will have trouble standing out in an overly saturated online space.

Regardless of the thousands of wedding blogs currently out there, the fact is that even if you started blogging today, you would still be far ahead of most of your competitors. If the companies you compete with want to keep their heads in the sand about the changes in how today's couples are doing their wedding research, that is their choice. Don't stay there with them.

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