Paying Attention via Social Media

Thursday, December 03, 2009


This billboard face-off between Audi and BMW was possible because BMW and another ad agency they worked with were paying attention to what was happening in the marketplace.

Are you listening to what others are saying about you and your company? There are plenty of listening tools available on the market, but some of the simplest to use (and most budget-friendly) are Google Reader and Google Alerts.

Set up Google Alerts for your company name, industry keywords, competitor's names - anything you want to pay attention to.  Instead of searching your name on Google, it will send the information to you. To keep everything neat and organized, open a free Evernote account and use their email feature to forward all of your Google Alerts there. 

Using Google Reader, subscribe to various industry blogs that are pertinent to what you do. On Twitter, you can also subscribe to keyword searches and to people's feeds without having to actually follow them (there is an RSS button at the bottom of Twitter's right-hand column).  Every time someone anywhere in the world uses the words "wedding" or "social media" in a tweet, it filters into a folder in my Google Reader for me to review later.

Listening and paying attention are the backbone of online media and should play a heavy role in your social media strategy.

Photo via BMW Blog

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