Google's Alternative to Twitterfeed

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have long been a fan of Twitterfeed for its ease of automatically updating Twitter with new blog posts. However, it's been a bit unreliable recently and doesn't provide the type of analytics I'd been wanting.  Also, if you signed up before June of 2009, then it is practically impossible to recover your log-in and password information if you've forgotten it. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Yesterday I made the switch from using Twitterfeed (had to disable it through Twitter's settings since I can't log into my account) to Socialize, a similar service that Google's Feedburner offers. The benefit of using Feedburner's option is that it integrates the click-through data with your Feedburner and Google Analytics information. The Socialize setting is under the Publicize tab in your Feedburner account.  There are also some recent additions to the email options, so be sure to check those out and update your settings accordingly. 

Here's a snapshot of what the settings look like and how simple they are to set up:

blog updates for twitter

Which tools do you use to update Twitter with new blog posts?

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