Is Getting More Blog Readers the Right Goal?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People often ask me how they can get more people to read their blog. My answer is usually this: instead of focusing on getting more readers, focus on getting the right readers. Unless you run ads on your blog under a CPM model, large amounts of traffic shouldn't be your goal. Putting your efforts into building trust and reader loyalty will generate more opportunities for you down the road.

So, how do you build trust with your readers? Here are three quick tips:

1. Be very choosy about what you post on your blog. Don't blog every press release that comes across your inbox. Share information that will be useful to your readers and that you can stand behind 100%.

2. Consider your vocabulary as you write. When you loooovvve everything or everything is SO! CUTE!, people start to tune out your opinions on the subject matter because those words lose meaning and become disingenuous. If you love everything, you love nothing. If everything is special, nothing is special.

3. Show up. People like knowing what to expect, and a consistent posting schedule helps them feel comfortable with you.

What makes you loyal to a blog or blogger?

This post was originally published January 2010.

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