Session at The Special Event in New Orleans

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Next week I'll be speaking at The Special Event in New Orleans, and if you're attending the conference, I'd love for you to come. My session is on Tuesday, January 12th at 2:30 in room 354 and is called Talk is Cheap, Silence is Fatal: Using Social Media Successfully.

The first part of the title is a quote from the book The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business As Usual, which came out about a decade ago and though technology has changed dramatically since then, the book is still quite relevant today.

Here's a synopsis of the session:

Print is not dead and social media is not a fad. Knowing how to effectively integrate social media into your business and marketing plans is a must-have skill set for any event company in today's world. Bottom line: If you're not involved in online media, you're missing out on millions of dollars.

1. Learn specific strategies on building your brand and your profits through social media.
2. Discuss some of the legal and ethical issues that apply to social media
3. Share tips on how to best manage your online reputation so that it doesn’t manage you.

Also, I'm pretty shy (for real), so if you see me around next week, please stop me and say hello. I would love to meet you!

If you're not attending, but would like to follow along on Twitter, the official hashtag for The Special Event is #TSE2010.

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