Splendid Sundays Volume 21

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A handful of splendid finds and interesting tidbits from around the worldwide web:

*Two talented sugar artists, Minette of Savannah Custom Cakes and Sharon of Sweet Sensations both recently launched a new endeavor for the DIY bride, making it easier than ever for clients to order beautiful cakes "off the rack". Check out their sites here and here.

*Social Media predictions for 2010.

*Medium vs Message.

*Has Twitter killed the letter to the editor?

*Book of the week: Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh McLeod. I first read this book when it came out this past Summer and I have been rereading it for the start of the new year. Definitely motivating and full of some great advice. One of my favorite quotes (of many): "Being good at anything is like figure skating - the definition of being good at it is being able to make it look easy. But it never is easy. Ever. That is what the stupidly wrong people conveniently forget."

Do you have any splendid finds to share?

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