Discussion: Using Magazine Scans on Wedding Blogs

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In order to produce content that will be interesting and relevant to their readers, many magazines pay large sums of money to create photo shoots for their pages. Many magazines (both wedding and celebrity-focused) also often pay for real wedding features, whether paying the bride and groom for the rights to use the images (think featured weddings in People or US Weekly), or to fly a photographer and stylist out to the wedding location in order to create a piece that is technically correct for printing. In short, the magazines are paying tens of thousands of dollars (and in some cases, much more) to create their pages. They fund these costs as well as the salaries of their employees through advertising.

Many wedding blogs will scan images and articles from the magazines in order to share that inspiration with their readers. Because of this, readers are consuming the glossy articles for free from sites with advertisements that don't benefit the magazine.

So here are my questions and they're up for discussion: is it okay for a blog that makes some amount of money from advertisements to post scanned magazine images and articles? Should the magazines be grateful for the "free word of mouth" because of a link on the blog? Is it okay that the blogger is making money off of someone else's dime without paying for that content?

What are your thoughts?

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