Is Your Competition Local or Global?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Many wedding professionals make the mistake of assuming their competition extends only to the vendors in their local area. It doesn't. Today, competition is global, and even in the uncertain economy, couples are choosing similar-priced vendors from out of town and paying the additional travel costs if it means getting better quality and achieving the vision they have for their wedding. 

This used to only be limited to photographers and perhaps some event planners who specialized in destination weddings. No longer.  Now couples are flying in florists whose style they love, a band who they feel confident will keep their reception dance floor packed, and even officiants who they either have a connection with or who specialize in the type of ceremony they are planning. While this may seem lavish, even couples who are on a tighter budget will scale back in other areas of their wedding to splurge on what they deem priorities - and each couple's priorities are different.

This is one of the areas where social media can help you. Networking is no longer limited to other professionals in your local area, it should now be a both/and scenario. You need to network with people in both your local market and on a national level. The wedding community is large, yet still tightly knit. Get to know people who are online. Link to others whose work you trust - whether they are local or not.

Look at and get involved in the bigger picture. Your future clients already are.

Originally published February 2010

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