Blogging vs Other Social Media Platforms

Monday, March 15, 2010

If you only have time to focus on one area of social media for your business, it should be a self-hosted blog. While I don't believe that every company should have a blog, it is the one platform that you own and that stays with you over time.

If you use Facebook and Twitter or one of the other social media tools, they can control that content by blocking, freezing or deleting your account and in some cases, by requiring that you give up partial or full copyrights to the photos and text you post. With Twitter, most of the content is not able to be accessed after a few weeks. With a blog, the content you produce works for you long after you publish it and you retain the full copyright. A blog entry you write today can still contribute to your SEO (search engine optimization) three years from now as people find the text through Google searches.

While the other tools are important to use and the communities are valuable to engage with, a blog is the one social media platform that will outlast them all and that will bring you the most return of investment for your time and money.

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