You Didn't Invent Weddings

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One of the trends I see in the wedding industry is not really a trend, but rather a story that has been repeated over and over: one generation creates and builds successful wedding businesses, then a new generation comes in, declares everything and everyone who has gone before stale and worthless and promotes their "fresh perspective" as the new and only way to do things. Then the cycle begins again.

If had a dollar for every website I've seen with an about page that says something along the lines of "I saw a need in my market for a good wedding planner [feel free to substitute planner with photographer, florist, blogger, caterer, etc] so I decided to open my own business", then I would be writing this post from a tropical island somewhere and not a city office. Do people seriously believe that the wedding industry was a sinking Titanic until they came along? That no one had ever run a profit and loss statement or looked at a balance sheet? That creativity didn't exist until they blessed everyone else with their new take on chair ties?

If the industry is over-saturated and too easy to enter, then it is because many talented people went before, paving the roads and building an industry that is now so ripe with opportunity. For a new company to claim that nothing done in the industry was done with excellence before they came along or that the people who have been in business longer than ten years are outdated and now irrelevant is ignorant at best, arrogant at worst.

There are plenty of people who many of us have never even heard of who built this industry into what it currently is and who are still setting trends and creating new blue oceans. Their time has not passed and there is much to learn from them. Take some time to study the history of your respective field as well as learning about the history of the wedding industry as a whole. Seeing the bigger, and historic, picture will help you create a better product or service for your clients.

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