Niches Have Deep Pockets and Smart Businesses Know It

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Person like me" is still the most trusted source for information about a company and therefore products.
- Edelman Trust Barometer

The "person like me" sphere of influence is one of the reasons the wedding blog Offbeat Bride is so successful. Ariel has thoughtfully created a blog (and spinoff products) that cater to a specific taste and lifestyle. Because she is loyal to that vision as she curates her blog features, her readers know that what she recommends is likely to be a fit for them.

It should come as no surprise then, that Offbeat Bride is also one of the highest-trafficked wedding blogs in the world. The beauty of what she has created is that her readership and traffic rarely overlaps with the other blogs that boast the same amount of readers, so her advertisers rarely have to compete for the same eyes. In an industry where everyone is fighting over the latest Anthropologie-inspired wedding, Ariel is minding her own niche and doing very well as a result. 

On the other end of the style spectrum are Nina of According to Nina and Erin of Blue-Eyed Bride. These ladies have a crazy amount of influence online because they both also stay true to who they are and don't try to appeal to the masses. Nina unapologetically mixes her Tory Burch shoes with Target dresses (found on sale, of course) and a cardigan from J. Crew. Many people who create their wardrobes the same way trust that what they read on her site will fit in with their lifestyle . . . whether she is writing about clothing or not.

As you're writing your blog, really focus on who your target reader is and know why they buy the way they do. It's trendy right now for wedding businesses to claim to be focused on the high-end bride. High-end is a tax bracket, not a target client.  One high-end bride could be "offbeat" while the other relates more to someone like Nina. It's dangerous to assume that every couple shops the same way and values the same thing simply because they earn the same amount of money.

Focusing on the masses is a losing game unless you have the infrastructure to push massive amounts of volume. Find your niche and build trust there. You'll be much more successful in the long-run.

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