How to Capture and Keep a Bride's Attention Online

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wedding dresses is the most searched wedding-related term on the Internet. In the United States, it's also one of the first purchases a bride makes. The engagement ring will make a bride excited for the wedding, but the oh-my-goodness-I'm-actually-getting-married feeling tends to be strongest when they have found the dress they are going to wear down the aisle. Other top-ranked search terms include wedding invitations, wedding cake, and wedding venues.

This type of market research is the reason so many bridal magazines and wedding websites prominently feature dress advertisements and photo galleries. Their content and ad strategies aren't developed from guesses or assumptions on how brides buy; they are developed from real data on what will sell and drive traffic.

Does your blog feature more of what couples are searching for online or does it focus more on what you want to talk about? A good rule of thumb for an offline wedding business using a blog for online marketing is to keep the topics at a 60/40 ratio: 60% searchable, relevant interest to engaged couples, 40% about you, your work and your stellar personality. This means that if you are blogging about last weekend's weddings, your kids, your pets, your latest product for sale, or the argument du jour with your spouse more than four out of every ten posts, then you are missing an opportunity to capture and keep a potential client's attention on what matters to them the most. Remember, brides don't care about how awesome you are, they care about how awesome you can make them. Talking about yourself all the time is not awesome for anyone.

Does this mean that everyone should write a blog post tomorrow about wedding dresses and cake? Of course not. It does mean however, that companies marketing to engaged couples should be more mindful of what they are actually looking for online and why.

As a professional who has worked on countless weddings, you probably have an opinion on an array of topics, even if it falls outside your niche. Use your blog to educate couples on what works at a real wedding and what doesn't. At the end of the day, all the inspiration a bride finds online won't mean anything if she can't translate it to something that works in real life in an affordable way. How can your expertise make her wedding better? Write about that.

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