Judging a Book By Its Tweet

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Do you really hate your children? Hate your job so much? Never want to see a client ever again?

According to your Twitter and Facebook updates, that's all anyone can think based on what you're putting out there. (To be fair, we'll cover the seriously so #blessed people in another post.)

We all have times when we need to talk with people who "get it", but save the commiserating for a small group of friends and a bottle of wine. You may think your updates are only seen by the people who follow you, but they're not. They're indexed in search engines and they stick around long after you delete them. Clients find them when they research you (and potential clients ARE researching you, even if they are word of mouth referrals) and what you say on a daily basis speaks much more loudly than your well-designed website or business card. 

How many of your updates from the past two weeks are complaints? Make it a goal to cut the number of complaints in half over the next two weeks. You might just be surprised at what new opportunities come your way as a result of not being so publicly miserable all the time.

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