Four Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business

Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of all the social media platforms, blogging is the most powerful and the one that will remain consistent as other online tools come and go. Here are four ways blogging can help your wedding business:

Blogging to Get Clients
Blogging can help you get clients in several different ways: by showing that you are an expert at what you do, by showing that you have been around for a while and aren't going to skip town with their retainer (a valid fear since several companies have closed their doors during the recession leaving couples high and dry), and by helping build trust between you and the potential client before you even meet for a consultation.

Blogging for Future Book or TV Deals
Many publishers and television networks are now asking for Google Analytics data to show proof of platform before awarding new contracts. They want to see that you have a built-in audience that will buy your book or watch the show. You may never book a single client from your blog, nor may you need to, but if you want future opportunities in the form of publishing or TV, a blog can help you negotiate those contracts and land those deals. 

Blogging for SEO
Blogging can help your search engine rank, whether you are on a self-hosted blog or not. By writing on a self-hosted blog (most often a blog), every word you use in a post is crawled by search engines, and then the semantically-related words are indexed as keywords for your site. The more frequently you post, the more frequently your blog is crawled and the more keywords you have connected to you.

If you blog on a third-party site (Blogger, Typepad,, etc), then the links back to your own site are counted as an outside site saying that your main website has credibility.

Blogging to Protect Your Trademarks
If you are operating your business in Oregon and someone opens a business of the same name in Connecticut, they could argue that your businesses are regional and your trademarks aren't a threat to each other. Online media can help establish you as engaging in trans-state commerce, which can help you protect your trademark outside of your region.

Why do you blog for your business?

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