How to Make Online Advertising Work for Your Wedding Business

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Some people confuse advertising online with being involved in social media. They are not the same thing.

In 2007, 68% of Internet users clicked on online ads. By 2009 that number had dropped to 16%.

social media advertising

While it may seem that online ads no longer work, that's not entirely the case. 34% of people surveyed also said that they looked up a brand after seeing an online ad for them and 20% discussed a brand on a social networking site after seeing that company's ad online.

Even though the number of clicks an ad generates has decreased significantly, online advertising can still be effective if you are active elsewhere in social media.

Ubiquity is the new black. If someone sees your ad on a wedding blog or website and doesn't click on it, but it leads them to search your company on Google instead, what will they find? Just your website or a wealth of sources talking about you? If your entire social marketing strategy consists of having your own website and advertising on other websites, your return on investment will be very low.

To see better results, participate online. Use social media to generate free publicity for your wedding business. Dominate the first page (or better yet - the first few pages) of Google results. Be everywhere.

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