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Thursday, July 08, 2010

My line of work requires quite a bit of reading across a broad spectrum of topics and as such my Google Reader is filled to the brim with subscriptions to all sorts of non-wedding or event related blogs and article feeds. Here are five of my favorites that are helpful for any entrepreneur in the wedding industry:

PR In Your Pajamas: This blog is authored by Elena Verlee, an 18-year public relations professional. She gives tons of meat-and-potato style advice to businesses looking to get publicity. If your business isn't yet in a place where you want to bring on a publicist, this blog will help you as you grow (and will probably help you grow). If you do use a publicist, this blog will help you participate in the conversation in a more productive way.

Fashionista: This blog has quickly become one of my favorites for its ability to discuss a complex and often pretentious industry in a simple and unpretentious way. The writing is smart, witty, approachable and covers everything from brides choosing larger bridesmaids to feel better about themselves to Cynthia Rowley designing for Pampers diapers. What I really love though is their frequent, candid posts about the business of fashion. With weddings being a heavy style business, there's a lot of cross over in how things are done. On my wishlist for a future redesign for them: the option to just subscribe to their business-related blog posts.

ReadWriteWeb: A fantastic blog for all things social media related. They break stories earlier and often with more in-depth and thoughtful analysis than their more widely known competitor, Mashable.

The BrandBuilder by Olivier Blanchard. What I appreciate most about Olivier's blog is his no nonsense approach to tying social media to business. In an industry where everyone thinks they can be a freelance consultant because they've used Twitter for twenty minutes (a more widespread epidemic than brides becoming wedding planners), it's nice to have someone who is not afraid to talk about the need to actually have a steak to back up all the sizzle being sold. Also, he's not afraid to call out all the fakery in the industry. Read a few posts and you'll quickly be able to see why his blog is one of my favorites.

And a frivolous one to add some humor to your day: Catalog Living, an exciting look at the people who live in your catalogs. An idea all of us have had at one point or another and someone was finally brilliant enough to start a blog on it.

Which blogs are some of your favorites?

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