New Company Makes It Easier to Monetize Blogs

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pixazza is a new company that will revolutionize how blogs and websites monetize their content. I first heard about this venture from Rosalind Bordo of Two Bright Lights and immediately set out to see for myself just how it works.

Essentially, Pixazza allows a blogger to insert a line of javascript (aka blog code, for you non-tech people) that will enable readers to roll over any photo and see where they can purchase the items in it. Here's a screengrab of how it works from their site, once a person rolls over the site, the dots with featured items pop up as well as a list of where they can be bought:

making money on blogs

The revenue from the sales is then shared between the blog publisher and Pixazza, in the same way that text and banner affiliate ads already work.

This solves quite a bit of the issues that many retailers face with blogs using images from their website without linking to them or giving them credit. So now, if someone uses a photo from Nordstrom's site of a budget-friendly wedding dress, the ability to purchase the dress is built right into the photo. 

The potential for this in the wedding and event industry is limitless. I don't know where the company is taking it, but imagine what this could mean if you could not only tag the items sold in the image but also your own services. Then, if a bride saw an image somewhere that she loved, she could purchase not only the shoes featured in it, but also book you for her wedding.

Pixazza is off to a good start, being backed by Google Ventures and recently raising $12 million in series B funding, which combined with their series A funding, brings them to about $20 million total. It will certainly be interesting to see what this does for the future of blogging, especially as more bloggers are trying to turn it from a hobby into a profession.

You can learn more about Pixazza here. How would you use this service for your business?

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