Expert Advice on Getting Published

Monday, August 16, 2010

by Julianne Smith

The number one public relations or PR mistake that wedding companies make is not doing their homework. If you want to be published in a magazine or on a blog, start by actually reading it.

Read past issues. Go through archives and really read the content. How do they write? What pictures do they like? What is their style? What do they typically post? When do they publish? Who writes the articles? And, most importantly, where would you fit in?

Think like an editor as you are reading. Envision where your work could be included. By reading, you can learn the names of the editors that you need to pitch, the type of work they are looking for, how they want the content packaged, when to submit, and what trends they are interested in. You will also see what they’ve already published, so you can present something new.

Every publication has a certain style. It is up to you to figure out what it is and out how your company can fit into it. If you want a publication to write about you, you need to fit their mold, not the other way around. They have a certain way for a certain reason. Maybe it sells more advertising space or maybe it sells more magazines. Either way, they have a style. And, just because you think your work is pretty, doesn’t mean they will. So, do your research. You’ll be more effective.

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