New iPhone App for Event Planners

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I find that when people think of event planning, and wedding planning in particular, they focus on the design aspect. That is, after all, the part that people see. However, what you don't see in the event photos gracing the blogs and magazines are the parts that make or break an event: the logistical details. These may not be as glamorous as styling the perfect table, but if there isn't enough food or the floor plan isn't done with the guests' comfort in mind or the event goes over budget because of hidden costs, then the event ends as a mess rather than an enjoyable memory.

Event industry expert Howard Givner launched an iPhone app this week that will help all of the logistical details of your events go off without a hitch and give you time to focus on the other areas of planning. Called Super Planner, it is ideal for both wedding and corporate event planners and is hands down the most comprehensive business app currently available for event planners. Here are a few of the features:

A pricing conversion page. The biggest thing that brides get hung up on (and many planners) are the hidden costs, particularly with venues. It's always disappointing for a client to think that a meal is going to cost $100 per guest only later to find out it is closer to $140 per person because of taxes and fees. This part of the app allows you to input the number of attendees and then see the real costs based on gratuities, taxes, all inclusive or the plus/plus fees. Imagine being able to sit with a client at a site visit or tasting and being able to tell them the actual cost in a matter of seconds instead of having to go back to your office and plug the numbers into an excel spreadsheet or scribble long-hand math in your notebook.

wedding planner app

A food and drink calculator. How much alcohol do you need for 175 guests? How many hors d'oeuvres? This part of the app will answer that at a glance.

event planning iphone app

This next page allows you to input the square feet of a room or event space and it will automatically tell you how many people it can hold based on your table choices.

event planning app

Here's a demo video of all of the features, including ones I didn't mention above and just how simple it is to use:

The app is $9.99 and well worth it for its functionality and ease of use, not to mention how much time you will save on these routine, yet critical, planning tasks. You can download the Super Planner app at the iTunes store here.

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