PR Opportunities: Small vs Large

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

by Julianne Smith

With the searchability of the Internet, no publicity mention is a small mention. Your company could be featured on the smallest blog or the biggest TV show and there is no guarantee that one will be more effective than the other. Treat all publicity opportunities, regardless of perceived size, as you would any client: like they are the most important thing to you at that moment.

Sometimes the smallest mention can turn into a bigger deal than you ever anticipated because of the Internet. Internet search engines and archives ensure that things posted online live forever and can pop up at anytime. Because of this, you should respond to all requests and be consistent in your message to everyone.

If an editor, any editor, wants to take time out of their day and feature your company, be flattered. Respond to their requests quickly and efficiently. Get them what they ask for and then some. You don’t want to overwhelm them, but be helpful and whatever you provide should be relevant to the request.

As a general public relations rule, I’m an advocate of strategically going after those media targets that will bring you a return on your time investment and that will help you achieve your publicity goals. However, from time to time, and especially the more that you put your company out there, both large and small media opportunities that you didn’t seek out will come your way.

Regardless of the size of the publication, if you have your PR materials together, you should be able to quickly respond to any request without too much trouble.

Originally published August 2010

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