The Secret to Getting Good Press

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

by Julianne Smith

Publicists will have you believe that you need every magazine to publish every one of your weddings, and every blog to feature your work in order to be successful. Frankly, this is how they stay in business. The more times you are published, the better they look and the more you think you need a publicist in the first place. Even if you are only published one time through your publicist, they’ve created a belief that you need more. I would counter that when it comes to PR, more isn’t better. More is simply more.

Companies should strategically pick a PR target and go after it with full force. Decide beforehand the type of publicity that you want. In fact, take it one step further and decide which section of which publication you want. For example, do you want to be quoted in an article about how to design and build a candy buffet? Or do you want your product worn by a bride on the latest wedding TV show?

PR is a quality over quantity game. Seek out the publicity that will help your business. One really targeted media hit that has the kind of impact that you are looking for is a lot more meaningful than five mediocre hits that simply took up your time.

Good PR targeting is also about finding the right wedding from your portfolio and matching it up with the right editor who is willing to hear your message. Only pitch to those publications that would be a good fit for your news. Make an effort to seek out the media that would have an actual interest in what you have to say.

Publicity should help to grow your business in the way that you want it to, not make more work for you. Let’s be honest: you have another job to do. While you are making all of these PR pitch calls, you still have a business to run and clients to keep happy.

Be targeted and be focused. You will be more likely to see results.

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