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Thursday, November 04, 2010

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Luxury is the possibility to stay close to your customers, and do things you know they will love. If you do luxury, you have to treat people in a human way. -- Christian Louboutin

I shared this quote in my presentation at Engage!10 last month because it captures both the spirit of customer service and the spirit of social media perfectly.

Social media is about conversations and, if used appropriately, allows your customers and clients to be heard - a basic human need. Anything that detracts from that is missing the point.

Auto-DM's or auto-following on Twitter (turn those off), using Twitter as a one way monologue (you're not that witty or profound), pop-up banners or squeeze pages on blogs (are you really going to force me to give you my email address just to read your blog post?), or tagging people in Facebook photos they're not in just so they'll see your promo image (come on, seriously?) all dehumanize the social media experience because they show that your priorities are not about truly engaging with the other person.

Be a real person. Treat others like they're real people. This works just as well online as it does in the offline world.

Photo by Marie Labbancz

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