Treating Social Media as a Constraint

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Do you remember having to do multiplication tests in elementary school? The teacher would set her watch and, in a race against time, you'd have to fill out the multiplication tables from memory. In high school, I had to do something similar in my English classes. Every Friday, there would be a topic on the board and we had 50 minutes to write a coherent essay about it. Not finishing was not an option. Those classes were probably the most beneficial for me out of any I've ever taken, including the very expensive ones in college, because they taught me how to think critically and express those thoughts in writing. The added constraint of time forced me to clarify my thoughts and produce quickly.

Social media is like that. The more you do it, the better you get at it. If you want to get results from blogging, you have to do it consistently and on a regular basis. What would happen if you treated social media as a constraint? This is something I have to do today; not doing it is not an option. I'd bet that you find ideas come to you much more easily than if you act as if you don't need to be disciplined about it.

Blogging is a business habit that pays off, but only if you make it a habit in the first place.

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