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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next Tuesday, I'll be presenting a session with Xochitl Gonzalez of Always A Bridesmaid at The Special Event in Phoenix. Our session is entitled How to Sell to the Highly Educated Bride and comes from our own research and experiences working with couples with post-graduate degrees and high-powered careers and how they are no longer the exception when it comes to client types.

The session is on Tuesday, January 25th at 4:00 PM in room 126ABC (the room may change, so be sure to check your schedule when you pick it up at registration).

Here is the official summary of what we'll be covering:

How to Sell to the Highly Educated Bride

Today's bride is more educated than ever and she's not shopping alone: 65% of grooms are now involved in wedding purchase decisions. Coupled with the vast amount of wedding resources available online, today's bride and groom are shopping armed with information and convinced that they know it all. Is your business ready to sell to the new bridal consumer? Is your current business plan costing you money? This session will show you how today's generation of couples thinks and shops and will arm you with the tools to convert that knowledge into sales and profit by implementing simple, cost-effective changes to your marketing strategy.

In this session, you'll learn:
1. How to harness the purchase power of the educated couple.
2. How to capitalize on the shift from the local to global wedding market.
3. What to do when your client thinks they know everything.
4. How to get free publicity and turn it into cash.

Aside from Xochitl and I competing for most unpronounceable name spelling, she has become a close friend and a colleague I respect immensely. She is one of the best in the industry and will be presenting another session on Wednesday on the topic of multi-cultural clients, so be sure to attend that one as well. Here is a quick bio blurb on Xochitl in case you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet:

Xochitl (So-Cheel) Gonzalez is the co-founder of Always a Bridesmaid Experience Design and the editor of Always a Blogsmaid. Founded in 2003, Always a Bridesmaid is one of New York's premier wedding consulting and design firms and the go-to wedding expert on ethnic, multi-cultural, inter-faith and cross cultural celebrations. They have travelled around the country and internationally to help clients fuse and blend cultures and religions flawlessly. Their work has been featured in Bride's, The Knot, Martha Stewart.com amongst other publications and they have been seen on The Style and Food networks. Their blog, Always a Blogsmaid, was recently named one of the top 10 must read wedding blogs by Bride's Magazine. Xochitl is a graduate of Brown University and served on the board of the Alumni Association as the Multi-Cultural Alumni chair. Prior to founding Always a Bridesmaid she was the Director of Marketing and Events for the international Clio Awards. She is a native of Brooklyn.

Hope to see you next week! If you see either Xochitl or me, be sure to stop us and say hello.

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