Creating Social Media Guidelines

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tomorrow I'll be launching a new, multi-day series on social media guidelines. It will be a step by step guide to creating working policies for your company on every aspect of social media.

The point of these guidelines is not to intimidate, but rather to allow you to use social media in a way that is both productive and professional. Whether you are a one-person company or have a staff of over 100, having written, realistic guidelines will help you promote your brand online in a way that encourages the best interaction with the public.

Participating in this series will allow you to write your guidelines one topic at a time rather than having to sit down and write a long document (which is less likely to ever get done). Social media is an ongoing medium, with new tools being released on a constant basis, so these policies will and should evolve over time.

I hope you'll tune in tomorrow for the first post in our series. If you have any questions on specific topics, let me know in the comments below!

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