DVR'd the Royal Wedding? You Missed Out.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

There are a zillion blogs and websites recapping the highs and lows of the royal wedding. I'll leave much of the future bridal style forecasting to them, but here are a couple of thoughts I had about the wedding:

First, I still can't get over the post-it notes left out on the chairs in Westminster Abbey. I'm not actually upset about them, just a bit in shock:

royal wedding post-it notes

Next, Beezus and Eugenie's outfits will be the big Halloween costumes of 2011. Hello, Jetsons!

royal wedding

Third, this wedding was awesome, but Twitter made it more so.

royal wedding twitter

Aside from the marketing and business development aspects Twitter offers for companies in the wedding industry, the real-time aspect of thousands of different opinions, took watching the royal wedding from a fun, personal experience to a fun collective experience. Much of my own live tweeting was tongue-in-cheek rather than academic, and it was fun to see everyone's perspective on such a large event. Some loved the bouquet, some didn't. Some loved the dress, others were expecting more vavoom. Some blinked and missed the kiss, both times. While we could have read about this all later (and we did), Twitter allowed the conversations to exist as though all of your favorite wedding industry friends and colleagues were in the same room.

Analysts have estimated that between 2-3 billion people tuned in via TV and social media for the wedding. The previous record for the number of people tuning in online to a live news event was President Obama's inauguration in 2009, with 70 million people. Over 400 million watched the Royal Wedding live on YouTube alone. Prior to the event, Twitter set up a server specifically to handle the royal wedding hashtags and updates. During the wedding itself, every trending topic worldwide was related to the royal nuptials. While all eyes may have been on Wills and Kate, social media strengthened the community that was watching and made the wedding feel more real and personal than just watching on TV would have allowed.

What was your experience watching the royal wedding? And what were your fave hits and/or misses of the day?

Top photo via Angela at WedLuxe Magazine, second via Getty Images, Twitter image via Grey Likes Weddings.

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