Why the Royal Wedding Matters :: Part 2

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Royal Wedding Encourages Bridal Daydreaming and Social Media Puts that Daydreaming on Steroids

After each Winter Olympics, there's an increase in sign-ups for ice skating lessons. Next week, after the Royal Wedding, there will be an increase in wedding-related Internet traffic. Whether it's soon-to-be engaged couples getting a head start on ideas, or simply people who are daydreaming, we are going to see a spike in the consumption of bridal information and inspiration.

Google has even gotten in on the Royal Wedding fever and has created a live blog that will synchronize with the live footage of the wedding, making it more interactive for people. In case you're underestimating how vast interest in the royal wedding is, a large number of non-wedding industry related people are asking their bosses for next Friday off so they can watch the wedding, either live on TV or live on YouTube (yes, YouTube - Kate and William insisted that their wedding be accessible via social media).

If someone were to find your wedding blog next week, would they find a stagnant blog or a current one filled with fresh information? While many of the people will daydream for a little while and then go back to their normal, non-bridal related lives, some will want to stay connected to everything wedding (royal or not) for much longer. Do you have an easy-to-find email newsletter sign up? An easy to find RSS button (should be near the top of the page) so they can stay subscribed to your blog? If you hate everything about the royal wedding and your typical client does too, does your blog provide a nice reprieve from the hype and showcase the exact opposite in weddings?

If you want an opportunity to capture the attention of people hungry for wedding inspiration, now is a great time to make sure your social media presence is up to date.

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