On Talking About Money

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Creating an online marketing strategy isn't just about the technical aspects of SEO or how often to update your social media platforms. It also comes down to the way you present yourself online. I don't advocate that you be a fake version of yourself - ever - but I do think that people should be aware of how they can be perceived by their target market. I'll be discussing online marketing and consumer behavior as it relates to the wedding industry on Think Splendid in the coming days. Today I want to start by talking about that taboo subject: money. Or rather, I want to talk about how you talk about it.

If your target market in the wedding industry is a culture (or subculture) that doesn't talk about money openly, then how you approach things like listing pricing on your website, or blogging or tweeting about your own spending or shopping habits, and even how you approach the topic in consultations will all affect how well you fare with that market segment. On the other side of the coin, if you are working with a culture that openly talks about money and if what they do spend on their wedding is also intended to be used as a public measure of success, then never talking about money or spending can set you back with that particular group.

Remember, people aren't going to go too far out of their comfort zone when they hire their wedding professionals. Take an honest look at your website and social media marketing platforms. How do you discuss money and spending, if at all? Does it fit in with who you are trying to reach? Learn to read people. Know when to dial your conversations down or up, and also know when to accept that a certain type of client just may not be a good fit for you.

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