3 Tips for Using the Twitter Favorites Button

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twitter offers you the ability to "favorite" a tweet, and the ways to use it vary. Here are a few ideas on how use the feature to make Twitter more effective for you:

1. Use the Favorites button when a tweet is literally one of your favorites.
This option is easy and probably the intent behind the button in the first place. If a tweet makes you stop and think or brings a smile to your face, mark it as a favorite to remember later. This is especially useful for tweets that make you laugh, because then if you're having a down day, you can get a quick pick-me-up just by reading through your favorites list.

2. Use the Favorites button to save links to read later. 
This tip is courtesy of Heather Crabtree at Outstanding Occasions and is great for time management: when going through your Twitter stream, if you see a tweet with a link to an article or blog post you want to read, mark it as a favorite. Later, you can sit down and read through the articles you've saved. This helps you use social media to stay in the loop while still maintaining control over the time you spend on it.

3. Use the Favorites button when someone says something nice about your company.
Whenever someone says something nice about myself or my company on Twitter, I mark it as a favorite. It's a sort of "see what others are saying" in a more casual setting. This helps track positive buzz about the company and saves those quick notes of praise that may have not made their way into a formal thank you note or email.

How do you use the Favorites button on Twitter?

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