Style Me Pretty on CBS Sunday Morning

Saturday, June 11, 2011

wedding blogger style me pretty on tv
Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty (left) with Rita Braver of CBS Sunday Morning.

Normally I would save this type of update for Splendid Sundays, but since this is happening tomorrow morning, I wanted to let you know now so you don't miss the chance to tune in:

CBS Sunday Morning is doing a piece on the rising influence of bloggers in the media and publication industries, and Style Me Pretty will be featured as the representative for the bloggers in the wedding industry. Rita Braver and her crew visited Boston a few weeks ago to interview Abby Larson and her staff at Style Me Pretty on the ins and outs of running a wedding blog as a business.

I've been tracking the influence of online publications in other sectors closely as those business trends will have a similar impact on the wedding industry. It's fascinating to watch both consumer buying patterns shift and business marketing patterns follow suit in order to keep up with the changes in customer behavior. The bridal industry is no exception, and in my opinion should take more of a leadership role in this type of shift since our target demographic is generally younger, and I'm thrilled that it's being included in this story on CBS.

You can find out what time the show airs in your area here.

Photo via Style Me Pretty

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