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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yesterday I posted my thoughts on Google Plus for the wedding industry. Today I wanted to answer questions about some of the new social media platform's features.

Can the updates I share on Google Plus also post to Twitter or Facebook automatically?
If you use Chrome as your browser, you can use an extension called StartG+ that offers the option to automatically cross post your Google Plus updates to Twitter and Facebook.

How do I create a vanity URL for Google Plus?
Right now, you don't have the ability to create an actual vanity url for Google Plus itself, but you can create a vanity url that redirects to your Google Plus account. You can set this up in one quick step at 

What does the Plus One button on Google Plus do?
The Plus One (+1) button is similar to Facebook's Like button. When you +1 something, it shows that you like it. However, unlike Facebook's Like button, the +1 button is also integrated into Google's search. The more +1's a page gets, the more likely it is to be displayed higher in the search results. Lots of potential to game that system, but it sounds like Google has some controls in place to keep it as fair as possible. You can get the code to add the Plus One button to your website or blog here.

What's a hangout on Google Plus?
A hangout is a group video chat feature. You can chat with up to ten people at a time. The person speaking at the time is the person who appears on screen. 

Can I use Google Plus as a blog?
You could, but I don't recommend it for the same reason I don't recommend using Facebook Notes for your blog posts. You want to own your blog. It should be a home base regardless of what other social media tools you are using. 

Can Google Plus be used as a project management tool?
Google Plus offers some features that would be useful for project management (circles, hangouts, etc), but overall it doesn't replace Basecamp or some of the other tools out there. It's just too limited as it is now and trying to use it as a full project management tool with clients would be a frustrating experience on both ends. 

Can someone see what circles I've added them to in Google Plus?
No. Your circle names remain private to you only. No one can see whether they are in your friends circle, acquaintance circle or a different custom circle you create (photographers, wedding industry, etc).

Can I add people to more than one circle on Google Plus?
Yes. You can add people to multiple circles on Google Plus. If you have business colleagues who are also personal friends, you can have them in both your business and friends circles, or whichever circles you choose.

Can someone see when I've looked at their profile on Google Plus?
No. You can't see who has viewed your profile on Google Plus and other people cannot see that you have viewed theirs.

Who should I follow on Google Plus?
Whomever you'd like. Google Plus is like Twitter in the sense that you can follow anyone using the service and receive their public updates. And, also like Twitter, they don't need to follow you back in order for you to follow them.

How do I block someone on Google Plus?
There are several options to block someone, but the easiest is to add them to your blocked circle or to visit their profile page and click 'block' in the lower left-hand corner.

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