5 Random Social Media Tips

Monday, January 09, 2012

Here are five unrelated tips on using social media for your wedding business:

1. Companies who use "text speak" (ur gr8 and so forth) in their status updates make 40% less revenue than companies who spell words correctly. If you don't have enough room for your original thought, choose to say less instead.

2. Pinterest doesn't currently have the option for private boards, so if you're using it to collaborate with clients or to pin inspiration for a project but don't want to let everyone else know what your pins are specifically for, give the boards a code name.

3. If a word is used in a tweet, it doesn't need a hashtag. For example in the tweet, "Here's a photo from the wedding we worked on last week," the word wedding will still show up in the "wedding" search stream. If you tweeted, "Here's a photo of the amazing cake. #wedding" then the hashtag at the end would ensure the non-wedding phrased update would filter into the "wedding" stream. Using a hashtag when you don't need to is visual clutter and fatigues the reader's brain.

4. If you're updating your Twitter account from Facebook, disable that function. Twitter cuts off the updates and people don't click to read the rest of what you had to say. You end up branding yourself as annoying rather than relevant.

5. You don't have to retweet your Follow Friday mentions and you're not being rude if you don't.

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