Expanding Your Wedding Brand Through Pinterest

Monday, January 02, 2012

Pinterest, a social networking site that has over 5 million monthly active users, has the power to expand a wedding brand in a way that other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook currently do not. One of things I noticed early last year was the number of moms on Pinterest who were pinning wedding photos. I contacted a few of them to do some interviews for my book and to find out their reasons for using the social network.

Linda, one of the moms I talked to, follows Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and Suann from Simplesong Design on Pinterest and repins from these sites on a weekly basis. She has three grown sons, two of whom plan on proposing to their girlfriends within the coming year. Linda told me that she loves being creative and wants to be involved in the planning process, but doesn't want to "freak out" her future daughter-in-law by sending her links and clippings from wedding blogs, especially since her son hasn't even proposed yet. To her, Pinterest is a neutral site where she can file away inspiration to use later while not appearing overeager and maintaining appropriate relationship boundaries with her son's girlfriend.

Several of her friends -- all women in their mid-fifties -- are also on Pinterest and see the wedding photos she's pinned in their dashboard whenever they log in. Because of this, and because they also have grown children who will be marrying soon, they are now also following the same wedding sites she is. Historically in bridal marketing, reaching the mother of a bride or groom didn't happen until just before or after the engagement date. Pinterest has allowed these wedding brands to reach a new demographic at a much earlier stage.

This early exposure isn't just limited to women in their fifties, it is happening across all age groups. Friends who have friends tying the knot will see wedding photos when they log-in, regardless of whether or not they're getting married themselves. Bridesmaids and wedding guests are now being exposed to bridal brands earlier than ever before. They aren't visiting Pinterest to find wedding inspiration, but it is coming to them anyway.

The companies who are using Pinterest in a smart way are building a connection with people who may not be their clients for two or three more years. This site gives them the ability to build trust with these potential future clients early on and the opportunity to reach their friends in the meantime.

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