How to Get Your Weddings Published in Magazines and On Blogs

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Want to get more of your weddings published online or in print? Here are some articles to help you get more press for your business:

5 expert tips for developing a PR strategy.

The number one PR mistake most wedding businesses make.

The secret to getting good press.

Developing an effect publishing strategy.

How to pitch media and get results.

5 questions to ask before producing a styled shoot.

The wedding blog directory has submission guidelines for 30+ of the most popular wedding blogs.

Here are 7 tips for submitting photos to wedding blogs.

Last but not least, an open letter to PR agencies targeting wedding bloggers.

Some additional thoughts, which I may be repeating, but are worth saying twice: be nice, don't threaten the editors in any way (wedding media is a small and fairly tight-knit community; word gets around), always, always spell the editor's name correctly.

Also, if an editor isn't nice to you, take your work elsewhere. There are plenty of other bridal magazines and blogs who will treat you with professionalism and respect. No need to put up with bad behavior.

Originally published January 2012

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