Tip for Muting Hashtags on Twitter

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm genuinely interested in the people I follow on Twitter and what they have to say. Sometimes though there are conversations that I just do not care about at all, and they're typically conversations that clutter up the feed and make it difficult to see updates about anything else. Unfollowing people because of these conversations isn't really a good solution because I don't want to unfollow them completely -- I just want to tune out their updates about a TV program I have zero interest in or tipsy 3 am tweets from a conference they may be attending.

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't offer the option to mute or filter out hashtag conversations. Fortunately, Tweetdeck does. Under settings, click on "Global Filter" and then enter the hashtags you don't want to see in your stream in the "Containing Words" field:

muting hashtags

If you decide you do want to follow the hashtags again, just clear these settings.

PS: Hate it when people sync their Facebook or Pinterest accounts to their Twitter feed? You can filter these out on Tweetdeck as well by simply including them in the "From Sources" field.

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