The "Secret" to Getting Ahead

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If I had to define a "secret" for why some people get ahead in this industry and others don't, it would be this: the people who get ahead make time for the tedious, unglamorous tasks.

Writing web copy and blog posts that incorporate a smart SEO strategy is more time consuming than whipping something together, but they pay off for the people who do make the time to do it. (Here's an SEO plugin for Wordpress users and tips on how to best use it.)

Using Facebook to learn the birthdays of your clients and colleagues, putting those into your calendar and then sending handwritten cards with a personal note via snail mail takes time and extra thought, but makes a huge impact. The handwritten note is still the ultimate form of social media.

Most people don't keep notes of a colleague's favorite coffee in Highrise or Outlook, and then show up with their latte of choice at a meeting. An inexpensive gesture but not quickly forgotten.

Writing out your business processes is tough, but it ensures that people receive a consistent experience when they interact with you and consistency has been scientifically proven to increase trust.

These aren't rocket science ideas, but the trick is that even though they are easy, most people won't do them, even after reading this post. Move when other people aren't, and take advantage of the fact that most will find a way to justify not making time for the unglamorous, but beneficial, work.

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