Building a Foundation for a Product Line

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

68% of weddings in 2011 cost $30,000 or less. No matter what type of clientele you typically work with (smaller budgets or ultra high-end), if you have dreams of having a product line in places like Target, Michael's, Williams-Sonoma, etc, you need to cultivate relationships with the 68% long before your product line launches. Amy Atlas is a perfect example of someone who has done this well: her dessert table clients are high-end yet her book, blog and online offerings are accessible to anyone at any price point.

When it comes to the products in the wedding industry, the money is in the mass market, not the luxury end. With very few exceptions, if your goals include expanding beyond luxury service and into retail products, your focus needs to be on both ends of the market, not one or the other.

Originally published June 2012

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