Splendid Insights Honeymoon Study

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We are currently conducting the Splendid Insights Global Honeymoon Study. If you've ever taken a honeymoon or are planning to soon, you are eligible to participate in this survey. It is about 10-15 minutes and completely anonymous. You can participate here.

We'd love it if you shared the survey with your clients, readers and friends! The diversity in responses helps us take a better look at the realities behind romance travel. As a thank you for helping us reach more people, you'll receive a copy of the full Global Honeymoon Study General Report for free once it's released. To receive the general report at no charge, simply blog, tweet, facebook or email the survey and then fill out the form below (or you can fill it out here).

Here's a social media friendly link you can share: http://wedn.gs/sihm12

And here's a sample tweet that you are welcome to copy and paste:
Ever taken a honeymoon or are planning to soon? http://wedn.gs/sihm12 Fill out this survey from Splendid Insights!

You might remember that if you shared the last survey we had you email us. That kind of turned into a hot mess, so we're trying to avoid that this time around. This form filters to a spreadsheet which keeps us much better organized and is the ONLY way we are tracking who shared the study and who will receive it for free. With everything going on I will not remember who tweeted and who didn't when it comes time to release the results, so please do not forget to fill out the form! To make things easy, I've embedded it below as well.

Thank you!!

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