Interviewed for Meet the Experts Series by Destination I Do Magazine

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

destination wedding magazine

Destination I Do Magazine features a monthly "Meet the Experts" series and Jennifer Stein, the editor-in-chief, was kind enough to feature me in their August newsletter. Here's a snippet of what I shared in the interview:

In 2007-2008, the world of weddings changed forever, yet many wedding professionals were ill prepared to change with it. People who did not grow up with digital technology were trying to learn social media quickly, but were trying to make it fit a traditional media mold. Digital marketing doesn't work the same way as print marketing for the simple reason that the brain processes both differently. A big mistake many marketers are making right now is in publishing"e-zines" - online content formatted in a print design layout. The human eye processes content online differently than it does offline, even in how the eye moves across the screen and page. Trying to make a print layout work online is actually causing the eye fatigue, which sends an unconscious signal to the brain that the brand is tiresome and difficult. Brands who publish e-zines in a print-style layout are literally wearing out their clients, and they don't even know it! And then it's written off as "magazines don't work," which isn't true - it's really that the content just has to be packaged and designed differently for each medium.

I also talk about the way social media impacts the chemicals in your brain, building trust with clients, why the Engage! conferences mean so much to me, and more. You can read the full interview here.

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